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Information Technology

Information Technology

Biomedical Department

Lisie Biomedical department deals with all factors concerning the procurement and maintenance of all the hospital/biomedical equipments, which in today's healthcare scenario are vital for the survival and improvement of the patient. The Biomedical team works closely in procuring the best equipments for the doctors and then engages them in training in the use of the equipments and in maintaining them. The team collaborates with all the departments, ICUs, OTs and Purchase Department more frequently than others. In addition to procurement and maintenance, the department also provides in house calibration of most of the equipment here.

“By procuring and increasing the up-time of equipments, we are indeed helping individuals who require our special care. Lovingly providing all these services at Lisie hospital responsibly with sincerity is what helps us live the motto "Care with Love"”

Email: bmelisie@gmail.com

Office Hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Medical Social Work Department

MSW department in Lisie hospital is a key link in addressing the grievances of the patients from the time of admission to discharge. The team uses patient satisfaction surveys for this end, analyzes the feedback forms and present the findings in the redressal meeting held frequently. MSW team takes active involvement in understanding a patient’s social, economical and family issues. This information is shared with the concerned in a very confidential manner and this leads to financial help and social support programmes for the concerned patients. Thus the team shares wholeheartedly the famous Lisie concern for the whole person of the patient.

It is the MSW team that coordinates medical camps in village areas, charity fares and health days in hospital or in public places. These events bring a lot of benefits to the public as far as their health is concerned.

Lisie MSW team collaborates very frequently with finance department, communication department, Pain and Palliative care department and the Neurology department for various programmes.

This Department gives internship placements to the MSW students of registered colleges in India and abroad.



Email: mswlisiehospital@gmail.com

Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Public relations & General Administration

Lisie Public Relations and General Administration Department actively engages with the patients and bystanders coming to the hospital. The patients/bystanders are given the following services by this department: settle insurance claims and medical reimbursements; issue various certificates like wound certificate, financial assistance certificates (Prime Minister’s National Relief fund, Chief Ministers Relief Fund etc) etc; deal complaints and grievances. In addition to this, this department is liaisoning with various governmental departments like police, excise, drugs etc. PR department plays a big role in taking the success stories of the hospital in collaboration with the communication office to the public and thus strengthening the public trust in the hospital.

PR Department in most hospitals deals with complaints and grievances.  In Lisie Hospital, the scope of this department is vast.  Here, public relations are part and parcel of hospital administration. It is not that we project the mind of the management to the patients/bystanders; rather we let the mind of the patients/bystanders be known to the management.

“We deal with each and every person (patients and bystanders, staff and doctors and external bodies like police, excise, drugs and medias) with love and affection and project the hospital image among the public by knowing their mind first.”

Email: lhpro@lisiehospital.org

Office Hours: 9 am to 6 pm (Administration PROs); Round the Clock (Emergency Medicine PROs)


Lisie Pharmacy working in a state of the art structure enhances the patient satisfaction by providing effective and convenient services such as dispensing the medicines and other pharmacy related consumables at affordable cost without compromising the pharmacy ethics. The department also provides patient counselling on the correct use of drugs and medicines in a patient friendly environment. Besides providing drug information to the doctors, the department with the pneumatic shot and other supply chain systems distribute the medicines to the inpatients without any delay.

All the sophisticated infrastructures and supply chain systems apart, the department provides all the drugs at a rate less than MRP for the patients and this makes Lisie Pharmacy different from other pharmacies.

The patient friendly services make our department a preferred place for the patient community to approach. We treated the patient with a pleasant face which makes them relieve from all their pain. We enhance the patient awareness by clearing their doubts.

Email: lisiepharmacy2014@gmail.com

Working hours: 24 hours

Electrical department

Electrical Department of Lisie Hospital ensures uninterrupted power services/ HVAC and maintenance without any hindrance to the patients and by-standards at minimum cost.

Compared to other Hospitals, we are equipped with the most modern equipments for power distribution in collaboration with KSEB, DG, UPS and SOLAR. Perhaps we are the only hospital that installed 1MW solar panels which contributes 35% of the total Electricity requirements of the hospital.

Email: powerlisie@gmail.com

Office Hours: 24X7 (round the clock)

Sewage Treatment Plant

Lisie believes that water is a very precious and limited resource. Lisie STP team shares this conviction by purifying the sewage and sewage water in order to use in garden and toilet flashings. Lisie STP plant meets all the national standards and regularly gets best results in inspections done by the accreditation agencies.

Purchase Department

Lisie Purchase Department responsibly provides supportive services to all Departments , Doctors, Surgeons and OTs by cost effective purchase of medicines and disposable items. We also purchase new   high quality equipments and improve the facilities in the Hospital setting so that our patients can experience world class and effective treatments at reasonable rates.

Email: lisietrust@gmail.com

Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm  

Finance Department


The Finance department take care of all remittance and payments related issues of the patients.  Due to the restriction imposed by Income Tax Department, the maximum amount of cash that can be accepted at hospital is below Rs.Two lakhs only. Payments of Rs.2 Lakhs and above shall be made by transfer to hospital account by way of RTGS, NEFT ,IMPS , card payments and other method of transfer etc.  Cheque is also accepted at the time of admission subject to certain conditions. Excess payment made by patients is being transferred to their bank accounts. Patient/bystander has to provide account details such as account number, name of bank, branch, IFS code etc for the purpose. All doubts regarding remittance and payments is being carried out by accounts department.


Bill section and Insurance department are working  in collaboration with Finance department to make the billing, payment and reimbursement of the services provided by the hospital a smooth activity.


“The department deals all matters with a human touch and compassion.”


Email: lisieaccnts@gmail.com.


Office hours: 7.30 am to 5.15 pm

Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietician services provide counselling to our patients and their family members on the importance of following a specific diet for a specific disease condition in order to attain an overall wellbeing. Persons coming to Lisie Hospital for health check up receive classes on the importance of a balanced diet. The dietician team is closely working with our doctors in deciding the correct and healthy diet for our outpatients and inpatients. Besides Lisie Doctors, the team works closely with the Nursing department, Lisie Diner, MSW Department and the Quality Department of the hospital. The team is a very essential part of the famous Cardiology Department of Lisie Hospital. The team runs an OP consultation service as well.

“A little care, a small word of comfort may seem like a small drop in an ocean that drop means so much for the downtrodden suffering patients. Patients are carefully advised to follow diet instructions and when they get better the smile on the face is the best recognition for us.”

Email: anithalisie2016@gmail.com

Office hours: 9 am to 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 6 pm

HR Department

Lisie HR team recruits the best possible employees to the hospital and transforms them through various tools and internal and external training programmes to the most skilled workforce imbued with the Lisie values and the skills needed in their respective area of work.

Email: lisiehr@gmail.com (For Queries); lisiehrreference@gmail.com (For Reference/ Employment verifications)

Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm


The Lisie Quality team makes sure that the patients coming to Lisie Hospital gets quality and safe care that is equal to the national and international patient care standards. The team is collaborating with all the departments of the hospital to formulate manuals, SOPs, policies and procedures for each department according to NABH standards and other national and international guidelines. At the execution level, the department undertakes various quality rounds, internal audits and training programmes that ensure that the policies are implemented in all hospital areas and thereby ensuring the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Another area where the quality team contributes to the patient care is by helping each department to formulate patient rights and give training to staff to protect the patient rights. We believe in the empowerment of patient coming to Lisie hospital and this reflects in the quality of the care our staff provides with love to the patients.


Quality department develops the credentialing and privileging form for doctors working in our hospitals. In collaboration with the HR department, these credentialing and privileging of each doctors are updated periodically. So the HODs of the department can review the credentials and privileges of each doctor in their department and thereby ensures that only qualified doctors are treating patients in Lisie Hospital.


“In Lisie Quality is not an Adjective, It is a Habit.”


Email: quality.lisie@gmail.com

Office hours: 8am to 4 pm / 9am to 5 pm

Physical Therapy Department

In Lisie Hospital, patient care is provided in multidisciplinary settings and physiotherapists of Lisie Hospital as members of this multidisciplinary team work closely with the doctors and other members of the team to provide quality care. Services of Lisie Physiotherapists are initiated when a patient is identified with medical problems, health related conditions, illness or injuries that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities of daily living. Services of Lisie Physiotherapy team does not cease to exist until attaining physical improvement, but extend to rebuild the self esteem of the patients. The department provides follow up admission if needed. Lisie Physiotherapy department is equipped with most modern equipments that are not available in many other hospitals around.

“We provide drugless living through healing hands.”

Office Hours: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Facility Management and Safety

Lisie is a patient and bystander friendly hospital with most sophisticated safety measures in place. Various patient safety devices like grab bars in slopped pathways and toilets and side railing in patient cots are placed wherever necessary. Safety belts on stretchers and wheel chairs are in place. Difference of floor levels are marked by zebra lines and sloping walk ways are floored by antiskid tiles. Grills for all windows of elevated floors and passages are in place to avoid accidental or will full falls. Different audits and committees make sure that the patient or bystander coming here leave this hospital safe and satisfied.

Smooth functioning of HVAC system and solar heating system are made sure in collaboration with the Electrical department and Plumbing department in order to keep the optimum conditions in the patient rooms and OTs.

Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Email: lisiehiospitalfms@gmail.com

IP Billing

The IP Billing Department of Lisie Hospital provides round the clock services. Bills are prepared very quickly and an sms is sent to the patient/bystander about the due payment. Payments can be done by cash, card and NEFT. With the IP Billing team working even on holidays, discharge is done on holidays as well in Lisie Hospital.

Office Hours: 7 am to 8 pm (At the Ground floor of St Augustine Block); 8 pm to 7 am (at the ED Billing)


The ANM staff members of the hospital coordinates the consultation office and some of the clinical activities of senior consultants in Lisie Hospital. Besides these activities, they help nurses in the patient care in the inpatient wards.

General Maintenance

General Maintenance team contributes to the patient and bystander satisfaction by quickly attending the complaints in the following areas: carpentry, painting, welding, fabrication, repairing of equipments and biomedical instruments, cleaning sewage line blocks, segregation and removal of waste, managing incinerator and mosquito removal management.

Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm


Lisie Housekeeping Department is a key component in providing clean, neat and infection free environment to the patients and bystanders coming here.

“Cleanliness! A good housekeeping service is an asset which no hospital can afford to neglect. We are committed to provide a family atmosphere to those who are coming to this hospital.”

Lisie Diner

Food that Lisie Diner serves in the canteen and in patient rooms is without artificial colours, and taste enhancer like ajinomoto. The Diner uses ingredients of best quality for cooking. Cooking process itself is very healthy with the most modern machinery imported from Germany. The rate at which the diner sells its quality food can be a case study for management schools and thus the Diner contributes to the hospital to live its motto that is care with love. 


In collaboration with the Dietician department, the room service team serves the healthiest food tailor made for the inpatients in their room.


Lisie Diner serves quality food to visitors of the hospital and staff members at affordable rates. Besides, the Diner caters food for all the functions organized by the hospital with a splendid menu that includes continental, north Indian, Chinese and south Indian as well.


Email: lisiediner@gmail.com


Office hours: 5.30 am to 9.00 pm

Test Support

Test Support