Lisie Heart Institute

Lisie Heart Institute

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Lisie Heart Institute (LHI) was set up in 2002 with an aim to provide world class cardiac care in Kerala. In a span of 16 years the heart institute has become one of the largest comprehensive cardiovascular healthcare centres in India, and has taken care of nearly 5 lakh patients and performed more than 14,000 open heart surgeries and completed over 60,000 cardiac interventional procedure The spectrum of care spans the entire field of cardiology from prevention to state of the art therapy from the pediatric age group to adult patients. It has a rich pool of dedicated cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular specialists working as a team to deliver multi-disciplinary care to patients suffering from various cardiac problems.

09:00 pm - 12:00 pm
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Patient testimonials

Visiting the hospital almost after 20 years. The hospital has grown to a state of the art, well advanced, modern hospital in terms of the quality of doctors, staffs and the administration personnel.

Cyril Francis

This hospital is affordable, Well maintained,Neat and clean ICU is up to date with regard to its standard of equiments.

Raju M
Software Engineer

Nice hospital and hospitality service,also conducting nursing,pharmacy,lab technician courses here,great quality staffs with good patience,all departments here and wide team of doctors are always ready to handle any situations

Muhammed Afzal K.A
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