Patient Safety

Patient Safety


  • We provide a safe and secure environment for patients, their families, staff and visitors.
  • Implementation of international patient safety goals to ensure the safety of patients
  • Patient safety and facility safety rounds and improvement measures are taken to ensure the safety of patients
  • Facility safety officer and patient safety officer are present to ensure the safety of patients. They manage and monitor safety related activities in the hospital
  • Patient safety devices are installed across the organization. E.g: side rails for beds, grab bars; nurses’ call bell, non-slippery floors, caution boards/sign boards, visual and auditory alarms etc.
  • Mock drills are conducted to manage adverse events to ensure patient safety. The following drills are conducted on a regular basis. The staff members are trained well to manage these adverse events
    • Code red- Fire
    • Code Blue- Cardiac Arrest
    • Code Brown- Disaster/ Mass casualty
    • Code Pink – Child Abduction
    • Code Orange- ETO Spill/ Large Chemical spill
    • Code Violet- Civil Unrest
  • Ensures the proper maintenance of medical equipment based on a scheduled plan

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