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Biomedical Department

Lisie Biomedical department deals with all factors concerning the procurement and maintenance of all the hospital/biomedical equipments, which in today's healthcare scenario are vital for the survival and improvement of the patient. The Biomedical team works closely in procuring the best equipments for the doctors and then engages them in training in the use of the equipments and in maintaining them. The team collaborates with all the departments, ICUs, OTs and Purchase Department more frequently than others. In addition to procurement and maintenance, the department also provides in house calibration of most of the equipment here.

“By procuring and increasing the up-time of equipments, we are indeed helping individuals who require our special care. Lovingly providing all these services at Lisie hospital responsibly with sincerity is what helps us live the motto "Care with Love"”


Office Hours: 8 am to 6 pm

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