Pain and Palliative Care

Pain and Palliative Care

Story of the department

Palliative care is the combination of active and compassionate therapies to comfort and support the patients and their families with life threatening diseases.

Aim to improve the quality of life.

  • Overview & Features
  • Diseases/Conditions Treated
  • Treatments
  • Facilities Available:(Rooms, Technology, ICUs)
  • Inpatient Rounds Policy

Overview & Features

Lisie Pain and Palliative care Department facilitates holistic care to those who do not require any active therapy. The department provides physical, psychological, mental, social and spiritual support to such patients and their families. The care givers in the department help the patients and their families to cope up with the conditions of the disease and life situations. Lisie Pain and Palliative Care team consists of doctors, nurses, chaplains, counsellors and volunteers.

Diseases/Conditions Treated

Cancers with acute pain, chronic pain and other physical symptoms, bed bound patients, terminally ill patients. The team is skilled in managing vomiting, breathlessness, sleeplessness, urinary problems, colostomy care, PEG, FS, NGT Care, pressure sores, chronic ulcers.


The Department provides pain management according to WHO guidelines. The team is skillful in catheter care – CBD Care.

Facilities Available:(Rooms, Technology, ICUs)

• OP - 9 a.m to 2 p.m (Monday to Saturday)
• Day Care- 7.30a.m to 4 p.m
• IP Care - No separate ward or rooms.
Admission to general pool according to availability of beds.
BPL – general ward.Free treatment for patients.
• Home Care Services –Upto 10 k.m from Lisie Hospital –Tuesdays & Fridays - Time 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
• The Department has two ICU beds, wheel chairs, commodes, nebulizers, walkers, walking sticks for patients.
• Dresses, bath towels, bed sheets, diapers, soap, creams, food kits for deserving patients.
• Telephonic follow up of patients

Inpatient Rounds Policy

  • IP Rounds -9.30 am to 11am on working days
  • 7.30 am to 8.30am on Sundays and holidays

Emergency calls attented

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Saramma Easaw

Pain and Palliative Care


Dr. Rosakutty K. P
HOD - Senior Consultant

Pain and Palliative Care


Patient testimonials

This hospital is affordable, Well maintained,Neat and clean ICU is up to date with regard to its standard of equiments.

Raju M
Software Engineer

Nice hospital and hospitality service,also conducting nursing,pharmacy,lab technician courses here,great quality staffs with good patience,all departments here and wide team of doctors are always ready to handle any situations

Muhammed Afzal K.A
Local Guide

Visiting the hospital almost after 20 years. The hospital has grown to a state of the art, well advanced, modern hospital in terms of the quality of doctors, staffs and the administration personnel.

Cyril Francis

Lisie hospital is having one of the best pediatric department, where I consulted Dr. Edwin Francis, Dr. Annu, Dr. Sunil for my Kid. He is having one the complex heart issues, As of now, 2 Surgeries done. Prior to this, I have gone to another hospital, but they don't have a facility to treat this particular case and they directed me to Lisie Hospital. The cost of the treatment is comparabilly very very cheap with other hospitals. All the nurses there were very friendly and they give special care to each patient especially paediatric OP. I have spent nearly 18 days at Lisie hospital, I would really recommend this hospital for heart-related issue since they are in the top 2 position in India. This hospital is really recommended for the middle class, lower-class families since the cost are really affordable.

Mr Shyam Sunder
Patient Testimonials

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