Lisie hospital has been accredited by NABH since 14th November 2017, as a result of the focus on patient safety and quality of the delivery of services by our hospital in a changing healthcare environment. The biggest beneficiary of NABH accreditation is patient as these standards ensure patient safety, commitment to quality care resulting in good clinical outcomes. This Improves patient satisfaction and increases community confidence as services are provided by credentialed medical staff.


Department of Microbiology- Lisie hospital has been awarded NABL accreditation for Molecular testing- Truenat RNA PCR on 24/07/2020 and started doing COVID testing in the month of July 2020. In this difficult situation of COVID-19, the patients who are coming to Lisie hospital for treatment can get the COVID test done in our hospital; this will save the time, energy and also have monetary benefit for the patients.


Lisie hospital has been awarded Green OT (operation theatre) accreditation by the VERITAS (number one quality rating agency in the world) on 05/07/2016. The concept of Green OT is to ensure adherence to safety standards in operation theatres during routine surgeries. Over 45 performance standards are audited to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals inside operating theatres, while keeping the environment clean.

Green from an OT perspective covers all parameters like air flows, OT set up, anaesthesia machines, types of volatile agents used, filling systems adopted and scavenging systems in place. Green connotes cleaner techniques using modern technology and processes with a sensitive approach to environment.

The green OT standards focused on prevention of surgical site infections, safe anaesthesia, safe surgical teams and equipment and a measurement and quality assurance mechanism. The process will conclude with a ‘Green Score based on a five point scale that would be rewarded to the certified hospitals who meet the requisite quality and safety standards.



Lisie Hospital has been awarded Responsible Critical Care Units (ResCCU) Platinum Certificate by global certification agency Bureau VERITAS on 30th April 2019 in a major recognition to our professionalism and high quality of services. Lisie hospital is the first hospital achieving the critical care certification in south India. Res CCU certification is an ICU certification by Bureau Ve ritas in association with ISCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) and AHPI (Association of Healthcare Providers of India).

There are 14 critical care units functioning at the hospital, and the safety of patients is ensured with paramount importance. Early intervention and zero delay in the initiation of treatment are very much essential to stabilize a critically ill patient and diminish the anguish and apprehension of the relatives of the patients attending emergency. The development to ResCCU protocol is done to help the health care practitioners to enhance their patient care practices, mitigate risks and optimum use of resources.

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