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Fully equipped urology Department with 4 fulltime, qualified urologist. Undertakes all Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and open urological procedures. Department has a regular renal transplant performed

9.30am to 5pm
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  • Diseases/Conditions Treated
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Overview & Features

Lisie Hospital Urology Department is a fully equipped Urology Department with 4 fulltime, qualified urologists headed by one of the most experienced Urologists in Kerala, Dr. Damodaran Nambiar. The department undertakes all endoscopic, laparoscopic and open urological procedures. The Department performs renal transplants regularly.

Diseases/Conditions Treated

• Renal transplantation survey for chronic kidney disease
• Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty for PUJO
• Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy for renal tumor
• Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy for renal tumor
• PCNL for large calculi.
• ESWL for calculi.
• Lap Renal Cyst deroofing for renal Cyst
• URS for Ureteric calculus
• Laser for urine calculus
• Laparoscopic for large Ureteric calculus
• Laparoscopic ureteroneocystostomy for meja ureter
• Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostrate cancer
• Radical Cysto prostatectomy with orthotopic bladder
• Laparoscopic partial cystectomy Bladder tumor
• Laparoscopic ureterolysis with omental wrapping for retroperitoneal fibrosis
• Retro peritoneal lymph node dissection for carcinoma testis
• Cysto for bladder stone
• TURP for Benign Prostatic hyperplasia
• TURBT for bladder tumor
• Ureteroneocystostomy for VVR
• LaproscopicNephroureterectomy for urothelial tumor upper tract
• Laproscopic pyelolithotomy for renal calculi
• Diagnostic cystoscopy
• Vario colectomy for Varicole
• Bilateral orchiectomy for metastatic ca prostate
• TV sae eversion for hydrocele
• Hypospadians repair for hyporpadias
• Trans vaginal taping for stress urinary incontinence

Inpatient Rounds Policy

• Morning rounds at 8 a.m
• Evening rounds- attending all
• Postoperative patient and critical patients after operation theatre schedule
• Dressing changes are done along with morning rounds
• The condition of the patient and care to be taken is explained to patient and bystanders

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Damodaran Nambiar P.
HOD - Senior Consultant, Urolo...



Dr. Viju George
Senior Consultant



Dr. Thomas Pudukadan
Associate Consultant



Dr. N. K. Sanil Kumar
Registrar in Urology



Patient testimonials

Visiting the hospital almost after 20 years. The hospital has grown to a state of the art, well advanced, modern hospital in terms of the quality of doctors, staffs and the administration personnel.

Cyril Francis

This hospital is affordable, Well maintained,Neat and clean ICU is up to date with regard to its standard of equiments.

Raju M
Software Engineer

Nice hospital and hospitality service,also conducting nursing,pharmacy,lab technician courses here,great quality staffs with good patience,all departments here and wide team of doctors are always ready to handle any situations

Muhammed Afzal K.A
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