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Neurology specialty services offer treatment for diseases of the nervous system including disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, neuro-muscular junction and muscle. Neurology illnesses – once thought to be one of exotic diagnosis without effective treatment. The scenario has changed now. Many of the neurological problems can be treated if diagnosed early and many facilities are available to improve quality of life even though not fully curable.

  • Overview & Features
  • Diseases/Conditions Treated
  • Facilities Available: (Rooms,Technology, ICUs)
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Overview & Features

Neurology specialty services offer treatment for diseases of the nervous system including disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, neuro-muscular junction and muscle. Neurology illnesses, once considered to be one of the exotic diagnosis without effective treatment is now within the reach of effective treatment, if diagnosed early.Many facilities are available to improve quality of life even though not fully curable.
Lisie Hospital Neurology Department around 25 years since its inception is one of the major neurological centres in the state. The department boasts ofstate of the art facilities for comprehensive evaluation of neurological problems and its management.

Diseases/Conditions Treated

Specialized care for patients with:
STROKE – Stroke is an acute neurological problem due to problems related with blood circulation. It could be due to blockage of blood vessels or bleeding into brain parenchyma.The symptoms include weakness of any part of body, unsteadiness, difficulty in vision and difficulty in speech. For acute ischemic stroke (due to blockage of blood vessels) it is estimated that around 10 million neurons die in every 10 minutes and hence revascularisation has to be done as early as possible. IV thrombolysis is being given here if stroke onset is within 4.5 hours.
• 24 x 7 emergency services for acute stroke care.
• CT with Multiphasic Angiogram/MRI facility.
• IV Thrombolysis facility (within 4.5 hours: 10 thrombolysis /month).
• Dedicated stroke evaluation –To determine the exact cause of stroke for prevention in future.
• In-house physiotherapist for stroke patients.
• Physical Medical Department for rehabilitation of stroke patients.
• Speech therapy
• Long term follow up - personalised.
EPILEPSY: The onset of epilepsy was a cause of social stigma for years, eventhough the scenario has considerably changed now. It is now known that hypersynchronous discharges from brain, the cause of epilepsy, can be controlled with drugs/other modes of therapy. Neurology Department at Lisie is well equipped to manage all such cases of seizures/status. There is a dedicated ICU with state of the art facilities and a Video EEG/portable EEG facility.
MOVEMENT DISORDERS – including Parkinsonism/Dystonia/various types of tremors.
NEURO MUSCULAR DISORDERS – Like myopathies and muscular dystonia, myasthenia.
DEMYELINATING/AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS-Including Guillian Barre syndrome, ADEM, Multiple Sclerosis, with facility for plasma exchange.
COGNITIVE PROBLEMS AND DEMENTIAS – Problems with memory is very common and can be due to various reasons of which some are fully treatable. Aassessmentis done using ACE-R + HAD scoring system and a battery of tests for dementia patients.
INFECTIONS OF NERVOUS SYSTEM - Meningitis/Encephalitis.
SLEEP DISORDERS - Problems with sleep is now found to be the root cause for many systemic illnesses.
The Sleep lab is functional for overnight sleep study (PSG) + MSLT. Sleep disorders can be diagnosed and in selected cases (of OSA) CPAP titration is done and homeCPAP support is recommended.
• Botulinum toxin injections are administered for various conditions like hemifacial spasm/spasticity/various kinds of dystonia.
• Counselling for various psychological disorders.

Facilities Available: (Rooms,Technology, ICUs)

Special Features
Outpatient clinic 6 days a week.
Well equipped ICU to handle critically ill patients with neurological problems.
Well- equipped neuro-electrophysiology lab with facilities for,
• NCS (Nerve conduction study)
• RNS (Repetitive Nerve Stimulation)
• VEP (Visual Evoked potential)
• BAEP (Brain stem auditory evoked potential)
• EMG (Electromyography)
• Digital EEG (Electroencephalography)
• Portable bed side EEG.
• Video EEG.
• Sleep study (Polysomnogram) for evaluation of patients with obstructive sleep apnea and related disorders.
• TCD (Transcranial Doppler)
Supportive Departments
Departments like Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Radiodiagnosis, Ophthalomology, ENT, Physical Medicine, Palliative care etc, are always ready for any support when needed.

OP Timings

  • Dr. B. Bindu

    Mon - Sat
  • Dr. Arun Kumar M. L

    Mon-Sat 10.30 am-5.00 pm
  • Dr. Anu Gangadharan

    Mon - Sat
  • Dr. John J Vaidya

    Mon - Sat
  • Dr. Soumya V C

  • Dr. Ashik M.

  • Dr. Agnes Rose

  • Dr. Akash V S


Meet Our Doctors

Dr. B. Bindu
HOD - Senior Consultant



Dr. Arun Kumar M. L



Dr. Anu Gangadharan



Dr. John J Vaidya
Consultant Neurologist



Dr. Soumya V C



Dr. Ashik M.
Junior Doctor



Dr. Agnes Rose
Junior Doctor



Dr. Akash V S
Junior Doctor



Patient testimonials

This hospital is affordable, Well maintained,Neat and clean ICU is up to date with regard to its standard of equiments.

Raju M
Software Engineer

Nice hospital and hospitality service,also conducting nursing,pharmacy,lab technician courses here,great quality staffs with good patience,all departments here and wide team of doctors are always ready to handle any situations

Muhammed Afzal K.A
Local Guide

Visiting the hospital almost after 20 years. The hospital has grown to a state of the art, well advanced, modern hospital in terms of the quality of doctors, staffs and the administration personnel.

Cyril Francis

Lisie hospital is having one of the best pediatric department, where I consulted Dr. Edwin Francis, Dr. Annu, Dr. Sunil for my Kid. He is having one the complex heart issues, As of now, 2 Surgeries done. Prior to this, I have gone to another hospital, but they don't have a facility to treat this particular case and they directed me to Lisie Hospital. The cost of the treatment is comparabilly very very cheap with other hospitals. All the nurses there were very friendly and they give special care to each patient especially paediatric OP. I have spent nearly 18 days at Lisie hospital, I would really recommend this hospital for heart-related issue since they are in the top 2 position in India. This hospital is really recommended for the middle class, lower-class families since the cost are really affordable.

Mr Shyam Sunder
Patient Testimonials

I am glad to inform you that we had a very comfortable experience at Lisie Hospital during the cardiac surgery of my nephew, Aahil P, M / 3 yrs, OPD No. 2528461, RBSK Case No.1534. Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Sunil G S, Dr. Edwin Francis, other medical team members, Coordinator Ms. Jitha and all staff members of Lisie Hospital for the good care and hospitality provided to us. We had heard a very good opinion about your hospital, so we preferred to come there all the way from Palakkad and things what we heard were very much true. The facilities were indeed of very high class quality. The approach of each and every member of your staff had been very polite, my salute to all. The only problem which we faced was for vehicle parking, which was very difficult sometimes, otherwise, all other things were really very, very fine. My nephew is now doing well and we all are very happy. May Almighty Bless you all. With best wishes

Mustafa Kutty
Relative of Cardiac Surgery Patient

My father underwent a major Gastro-Intestinal surgery here recently. The treatment was excellent and they charged a reasonable price too. The staff especially nurses were caring and kind.


I feel there are a group of well-experienced, excellent, and efficient doctors with a patient-friendly approach especially Dr. Paulose Jacob and Dr. Joy Mampilly.


My brother was recently admitted with a severe fever at the General medicine department. Doctors is well experienced and compared to other hospitals the treatment cost and other expenses are very less.

House wife

I am pleased to let you know that the care recieved by my father Mr.Stephen M.V aged 65 yrs,in Your hospital was excellent .My father was tested covid positive and got hospitalised in one of the reputed hospitals in Eranakulam where he revieved no proper care.We were really upset about the same and his condition was deteriorated.Therefore, we shifted him to Lisie Hospital.I must say that the timely consultation & proper line of treatment of the Lisie Hospital staff saved the life of my father.He was well taken care during the hospitalisation.Despite of the busy schedules,Doctors & nurses were prompt in delivering the care.They were always ready to help the patient and support the family in whatever ways possible.As we were at home and concerned about our father, we were facilitated with a video call where we could see our father and ask him about his condition.It was really apprecitable.Moreover, The Doctors kept us updated through phone calls about the plan of care on a daily basis.All over, myself and the entire family of ours are greatful to the hospital crew for the wonderful care recieved for our father.I highly recommend this institution to anyone who is in need of hospitalisation and care.A big Salute to all the wonderful staff of Lisie Hospital management !!!

Stephin Moolan

My father underwent a major Gastro-Intestinal surgery here recently. The treatment was excellent and they charged a reasonable price too. The staff especially nurses were caring and kind.


I feel there are a group of well-experienced, excellent, and efficient doctors with a patient-friendly approach especially Dr. Paulose Jacob and Dr. joy mampilly.


Had a wonderful experience with lisie hospital and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up.

Sachin Sudhakaran

Dedicated doctors, good nursing care and selfless service

Diana Vas

Doctor’s as well as there staffs are good they give the best advice and give the best care possible

Jacob Mathew
Patient Bystander

Good service and hospitality. Patient management services were dealt very professionally. They ensure genuine support to the patients and their bystanders. Staff were really cooperative. I have received expertised support from Cardiology, Oncology, Nephrology, and Diabetology,

Avitha Johney
Patient Bystander

Providing best services and treatment at very reasonable price. Also providing good emotional support which help us to recover fast.


Excellent Treatment had a great experience here..doctors,nurses and all staffs are so helpful .. recommend this hospital in case of any emergencies

Neethu P
Patient Bystander

I have done my kidney transplant here. Great doctors and nurses . They were very supportive throughout my journey. Really happy with their servives. Fully satisfied. Trustable hospital

Nannu Padayatty
Kidney Patient

Impeccable service. Especially the pediatric cardiology department. The effort taken by the staff and the doctors are pretty good , the quick assimilation of disease by studying the symptoms and care . The tremendous explanation of the disease to the patient and the remedy was very helpful... truly appreciated...such a satisfying experience. Thank you so much ...

Cetna P J
Patient Bystander

We have experienced a fantastic hospitality from the lisie hospital especially the pediatric cardiology department was very supportive and caring , doctors and nurses were too caring and supportive and also the hospital services were good and technology was advanced . It was a miracle for us after the surgery for our daughter prarthana (who was 2yrs old) the doctor was well experienced . The case was "GLENN SHUNT surgery" by god's grace the surgery was successful and also the credit goes for the doctor who had performed it excellently special thanks to pediatric cardiology surgeons Dr. Sunil GS and Dr. Phillip KM and also the Dr.Edwin Francis and Dr. Annu jose from the pediatric cardiology department . The ICU and ward department was very hygienic and the nursing staffs were very helpful and never failed to satisfy our needs and overall all the other department were good and satisfying And the management was very effectively would like to recommend this hospital to others due to their great hospitality which we have experienced. We hope that the hospital get more support from others and shall be successful in future.

Silu George
Patient Bystander

This is one of the best affordable and we'll treated hospital in the town. Staff are well behaved, the management is one among the best. Doctors are very qualified and understanding.

Tennyson Jerome
Patient Bystander

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