Cardiovascular Imaging and Physiology

Cardiovascular Imaging and Physiology

This division specializes in the imaging of heart and blood vessels using the latest equipment to diagnose complex structural cardiac diseases and to visualize the inside of a coronary artery to diagnose and optimize angioplasty and stenting. Multi-detector CT and Cardiac MRI is utilized by the imaging specialists to evaluate heart valves, cardiac muscle disorders, coronary artery disease and assess viability of heart to decide on ideal therapeutic modalities.

Intra-cardiac Echo (ICE) and Trans-esophageal echo is utilized in the catheterization laboratories using dedicated echo-navigation tools to guide, valve interventions and device implantations like Left Atrial appendage closures.

Large evidence shows usefulness of different imaging modalities to help the cardiologist in all aspects of coronary interventions starting from pre-procedure planning, hardware selection, optimisation of angioplasty, prevention and management of complications, and help in trouble shooting. We at LHI have got the entire spectrum of tools for imaging and Physiological assessment of coronary vasculature. Intra-coronary imaging with Intra-Vascular Ultrasound (IVUS) and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), can diagnose pathology inside the coronary artery, plan optimal care for patients and ensure the planned angioplasty or stenting is perfect and complete. These tools also help to minimize complications during angioplasty and diagnose problems during the procedure. One of the most important tools to plan an intervention is the use of Fractional Flow Reserve(FFR) and Instantaneous wave free ratio (iFR), which can determine the need for angioplasty and stenting in borderline diseases, thus eliminating unnecessary procedures.

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